Medium - Towards Data Science, Joseph Early

The Potential of Gated Linear Networks for Online Learning (16 Jul 2020)

A recent publication from DeepMind brings an interesting new take on sample-efficient online learning.

Medium - Towards Data Science, Joseph Early

How to create Latex tables directly from Python code (30 Jun 2020)

Copying tables of results from the console into a Latex report can be tedious and error fraught — so why not automate it?

University of Southampton, Joseph Early

ECS Outreach - Deep Learning Taster Talk (15 Jun 2020)

An outreach video for the University of Southampton Electronics and Computer Science department giving an overview of the Deep Learning coursework.

The Alan Turing Institute

AI UK | 2020 Digital poster exhibition (2 Jun 2020)

As a truly national institute, we provide a platform for excellent research that is underway across the whole of the UK. As such, we are delighted to announce to host a unique opportunity for researcher development and training, with UK students displaying and presenting their current research in artificial intelligence.

Medium - The Startup, Joseph Early

What’s hot in Multi-Agent Systems? (26 Feb 2020)

Multi-Agent Systems research has been a long standing topic in AI, but what are AI researchers in the UK currently working on?

University of Southampton

Turing at Southampton Welcomes New Fellows (16 Jan 2020)

Representatives from The Alan Turing Institute at Southampton welcomed a new cohort of fellows and a doctoral student to the Turing at Southampton group.

Medium - Towards Data Science, Joseph Early

The Biggest AI Risk of the Next Decade is not a Robot Uprising (29 Dec 2019)

Grand generalisations about the future impacts of artificial general intelligence overshadow the more pressing issues we face today.

Medium - Towards Data Science, Joseph Early

Reproducible Data Science using Kaggle and GitHub Actions (26 Dec 2019)

With the emerging reproducibility crisis in data science, it is becoming more important for data science researchers to provide open access to their code. This tutorial demonstrates how to integrate Kaggle with GitHub actions to enable better reproducibility of data science projects.

Southampton Electronics and Computer Science, Liz Gilbride

ECS researchers nationally recognised by The Alan Turing Institute (26 Nov 2019)

Three members of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) have been recognised for their research potential by being awarded roles in The Alan Turing Institute – the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. PhD student Joseph Early is the first Southampton student to be selected as a Turing Doctoral Student, while Dr Adriane Chapman and Professor Neil White, Directors of the Centre for Health Technologies, have been named as Turing Fellows with pilot projects.

The Alan Turing Institute, Joseph Early

Responsible Human-Machine Teaming Workshop (1 Oct 2019)

The official summary of The Responsible Human-Machine Teaming Workshop at the Alan Turing Institute - a one day event that explored the areas of responsible artificial intelligence, explainable artificial intelligence, human-centred design, robotics, and human robot interaction.

The Alan Turing Institute, Joanna Dungate

From agriculture to engineering The Alan Turing Institute welcomes new cohort of students (25 Sep 2019)

With students from diverse disciplines ranging from agriculture to engineering, and from law to health, the Turing is delighted to welcome an energetic new cohort of enrichment and doctoral students. There are 54 new students joining the Institute for the academic year 2019/2020. This includes 19 Doctoral students, and 35 Enrichment students.

Medium - Towards Data Science, Joseph Early

Your Car May Not Know When to Stop - Adversarial Attacks Against Autonomous Vehicles (19 Sep 2019)

Autonomous vehicles present a utopian dream of high-speed, clean and efficient transportation. However, the computer vision systems at the core of self driving vehilces have been shown to be susceptible to adversarial attacks.

Medium - Becoming Human, Joseph Early

Real Time Image Style Interpolation (5 Jul 2019)

In the Deep Learning module in my final year at the University of Southampton, the main coursework was based on the ICLR Reproducibility Challenge — a mission to replicate the experiments and results of recently published ICLR papers. My team chose to re-implement A Learned Representation For Artistic Style (Dumoulin et al., 2016).

Medium, Joseph Early

Evolving Agents That Don't Forget (1 Jun 2019)

This article summaries some of the research I did as part of my undergraduate degree at the University of Southampton. I developed a novel technique for reducing 'catastrophic forgetting' - the pitfall that machine learning systems encounter when trying to learn several task sequentially.